Częstochowa: Houses From Which Jews Were Evicted, 1941

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Częstochowa Judenrat,
Registration & Statistics Department.
   Częstochowa, 30th April 1941

Częstochowa Municipal Authorities,
Local Administration Department

Into the hands of Manager Fr. Patrzyk

Referring to yesterday’s discussion, we enclose a list of houses administered by the management on behalf of Mr. Windermuth, trustee for real estate ownership in Częstochowa. In this list, we have underlined in red the houses where Jews did not live.

Pursuant to yesterday’s agreement, we kindly ask you to request the administrators of the houses from which Jews were evicted to immediately carry out the relevant deregistration.

Częstochowa Judenrat,
Registration & Statistics Department.


Częstochowa: registration of Jews coming from other cities to Częstochowa, 1940–1941

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