Conscripts Born in 1918 Residing in Końskie (Material Created 1939)

(Syg. 316)

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A letter, dated 23 May 1939
From Końskie Gmina (lowest level local government) Supervisor to the Superintendent of the Końskie School District.

The letter orders the recipient to instruct the Headmaster of the Public Primary School in Końskie to complete the attached list of conscripts born in 1918 with details of how many grades each conscript completed and when.
Advises that inspection will take place on the 12th and 13th of June 1939 and the task should be completed beforehand.

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A letter dated 23 May 1939
From Końskie Gmina Supervisor to (1) Commandant of the local police station, and (2) Railroad Stationmaster.

The letter requests posting the attached notice regarding conscription of those born in 1918 on the official bulletin boards of their facilities.

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A letter, dated 22 May 1939
From the Końskie Powiat Prefect (roughly similar to County Executive) to mayors under his jurisdiction, regarding conscription of those born in 1918 and older.

The letter deals with the details of announcing the conscription and designates the addressees as responsible for carrying it out. Locations, times, and approximate number of men called to appear in front of the conscription committee are listed. Reminds that each conscript must appear sober, in clean clothes and underwear, and washed. They also must bring ID cards and evidence of completed education or training.

The addressees are requested to compile of list of conscripts in their jurisdiction who do not possess the required documents and obtain such information from the schools in their districts. The list must include names, dates of birth, names of parents, type and name of the school, grade completed and when.
The mayors must investigate who of their conscripts resides outside of their jurisdiction and inform them in writing about the obligation to report for examination.
There are additional instructions regarding exemptions for the infirm, the handicapped, and those who support parents unable to work.
The mayors or their representatives must be present at the inspection.
Within two weeks of the inspection, each mayor must provide a list conscripts who did not show up and explain why.

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Three virtually identical blank conscription form letters from the Końskie City Government to conscripts.

Informs the addressee of the legal requirement to show up for examination by the Conscription Committee at a certain place and time.
The conscript must appear sober, washed, and wearing clean clothes and underwear. Must bring an ID and documents certifying education and/or training.
Those who do not comply will be incarcerated for up to three months and fined a sum up to 3000 zloty.

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