Lelów 1840 Tax Document (“Chimney Tax”)

The list of names in the image below appears at the end of several complex pages dealing with the finances of Lelów. Here are details regarding this document: The Mayor of Szczekociny has been delegated by the commissioner for the Olkusz region to go to Lelów to investigate. The list of names appears at the end of the minutes of an 1840 meeting at the Lelów city Accounting Office regarding a cash shortage for an 1839 chimney tax [former tax formula abandoned after WW I] of Zpl [Polish Złoty] 200 and  groszy, and what the former deputy city treasurer (Miłoszewski) has been found responsible for. The list of names concerns the settlement of the amount handed over by the former deputy treasurer (Miłoszewski) to a town assessor (W. Utracki) along with the part of the chimney tax collecting register (name and the tax amount). The document mentions Zpl 127. Miłoszewski took Zpl 48 as his pension for March 1839, thus leaving Zpl 79. Utracki was an assessor to whom was left the task of completing the collection, for which he issues receipts.

The document begins like this:

It took place in Office of Mayor of Town of Lelów on 21 May / 2 June 1840.
Following the instruction of Commissar of District Olkusz for 3 / 15 May No 19.822 signed underneath Mayor of Town of Szczekociny as a Delegate arrived today to Town of Lelów to calculate the project of Mr. Miloszowski ex Deputy Treasurer in this town, entered the office of Mayor and met there Michal Wisniewski born there, and announced to them his arrival and then called in present Mayor and Treasurer to explain final project of 10 / 22 Sept 1839 and consequently they declared the following.

We are supporting the calculations delivered at 10 / 22 Sept 1839…

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1840 Lelów tax document

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